Our Mission

At Texas Roofing, we know our success is attributable to a total team effort. Therefore, we employ a dedicated staff of trained professionals knowledgeable in their specific trade. We desire to create a positive environment for our employees that fosters creativity and allows our employees to perform at their best. We realized years ago that to remain competitive, we must utilize the maximum of our abilities and knowledge to find and use the best methodsmaterials and equipment suited for the job.

 We strive to give our customers the very best we have to offer, while dealing fairly and honestly with all with whom we associate. This is why Texas Roofing has remained one of the best professional roofing contractors in the state.

Our mission statement is simple and is the same one that L. R. Rampy instilled in his employees over 60 years ago: “TO PROVIDE OUR CUSTOMERS WITH THE BEST ROOF POSSIBLE.”

Texas Roofing Co mid-century staff