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About Us

Circa 1946, Texas Roofing Company, a Texas corporation, was founded by L. R. (Randolph) Rampy, Sr. in Lubbock, Texas, in 1935. Subsequently Randolph, with his brother, L. W. (Woodrow) Rampy, opened several other roofing companies throughout the West Texas and New Mexico areas. These included Texas Roofing Company of Odessa & Frontier Roofing Company of El Paso and of Albuquerque and Hobbs, New Mexico. This history gives and idea how long Texas Roofing has been roofing contractors.

Sixty years later the legacy continued when Texas Roofing Company of Austin Inc., was founded in Austin, Texas, by the grandson of L. R. Rampy, Sr., Rick Birkman. From the modest beginning to the present day, the Texas Roofing Company goal has always been to provide its customers with the best roof possible. It is our duty as professional roofing contractors.



“At Texas Roofing Company, we believe there is no substitute for experience, staying power and lasting professionalism.”- Rick Birkman